Creating a Regenerative Sunshine Coast

Welcome to Regen Sunshine Coast

“Regeneration is something that happens naturally; we just need to heal the obstacles we put to life’s flow at all levels, at the heart of our personal lives but also at the heart of our relationships and communities.” – Atrix

To "regenerate" means to spiritually renew; biologically reconnect; ecologically restore and socially revitalise.

We need a regenerative movement that reconnects ourselves to all that sustains us physically and spiritually, which helps inspire respect, reverence, and restoration efforts.  Integrating regenerative practices in public and private life - as individuals, and as local and extended communities - is imperative if we are to renew ourselves, our community and environment. We will need a community of regenerative weavers and community activators who can come together to collaborate, amplify, and support each other as we move our community towards regeneration and wellbeing.

Our purpose is simple; To Create a Regenerative Sunshine Coast.  Our mission is to create a regenerative community that supports and amplifies regenerative ideas and activities.  Our vision is a generative local community that is self-supporting and self-sustaining for all residents and the environment.  

We don’t have all the answers, we can provide the platform, but it needs a community to shape it.  To build a regenerative movement, we need to start with a community of dreamers, doers, and weavers.

We are inviting residents, businesses and community activators to come together and explore ways to take part in creating a brighter future for all the Sunshine Coast.

We are at the very beginning of our regenerative journey, and we would like you to join us.  Click the request to join button above and become a co-creator and join other weavers to shape Regen Sunshine Coast.

Regen Sunshine Coast is a movement of Sunshine Coast weavers building a web of regenerators that co-create a regenerative future.  A community connecting and working together co-creating solutions to our housing crisis, biodiversity, mental health and homelessness.

Birthed from conversations at Transition Town Sunshine Coast, we wanted to provide a place for diverse thinking, sharing of information, challenging current thinking and co-create new ways to face our local challenges.

We can’t co-create a regenerative future if we don’t know each other, don’t learn from each other and use the place we call home to connect us all.  Regen Sunshine Coast is a platform for gathering, connecting, sharing, contributing and playing our part as we co-create a regenerative home for all.

In time we will grow into a thriving community that shares a commitment to place-based initiatives for environmental, social, cultural and economic regeneration.

We have created several Regen Topics and Actions on the Mighty Networks platform to organise our regenerative community. 

Each Regen topic has a variety of ways can connect, contribute and collaborate to address some of our community’s challenges. Follow the topics that interest you so you can receive notifications of updates and connect with other locals who share your same interests.

While many are already working towards a brighter Sunshine Coast for all, we can all play our part and be part of the solution.  The more, the merrier!

  • Food Security - Let’s build a resilient and accessible food system for all.
  • Health & Well-being - Every resident's sense of well-being is a right.
  • Renewable Energy - Let’s explore how we develop and use renewable energy.
  • New Business Models - Social Enterprises, B-Corps and Cooperatives.
  • Built Environment - How do we build our infrastructure regeneratively?
  • Community Living - Let’s create a strong and resilient community.
  • Circular Economy - Let’s turn waste into a resource and move away from the linear economy.
  • Environmental Action - Let’s reduce our environmental footprint and care for our environment
  • Clean Waterways - Keeping our beaches and waterways clean and pristine.
  • Land Caring - Valuing our biodiversity, green spaces and forests.

Join one or many topics; our collective wisdom and sharing of information will be key to building a regenerative community.

  • Tiny Community Living Campaign - we are asking Sunshine Coast Council to cease evictions of tiny homes on wheels, buses and caravans during this crisis; and recognise that these choices of housing are permanent housing solutions and not temporary.  We are also asking that rural landowners host more than one moveable dwelling on their property to create collaborative housing communities.

If you are interested in supporting our Tiny Community Living Campaign or speadhead another local action, then join today and participate in our collective regenerative future. Connect with other members of our community around any of the topics, join for free and help us build a thriving regenerative community.

Regen Sunshine Coast is a big hairy audacious goal also known as a BHAG. BHAGs start with an idea and that is just what Regen Sunshine Coast is, a seed of an idea.  It is the 'big picture' that takes us out of our siloes and brings us together.

Using nature to guide us, seeds need the right conditions to germinate and grow.  We are at the germination stage, searching for the right conditions for the essence of the seed to break open and commence growing. Those conditions are our co-creators.

We are inviting you to join our regenerative community and participate in the co-creation process.  This is an experiment, it might not work, but if it does, WOW, the impact could be incredible.  While we have different Regen themes, we have an opportunity to cross-pollinate solutions, share wisdom and collectively participate in several regenerative actions.

To facilitate the initial process, we are using the Mighty Networks platform to gather, connect and start having conversations on what is regenerative in our community.

We are looking for diverse groups of people and organisations that will come together to share their wisdom and germinate this seed of an idea.

Request to join our growing community and start connecting with other local regenerative weavers.  The potential is up to us.

If you would like to reach out with any questions, you can simply join and message a host.